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We supply, install and maintain a wide range of site security, surveillance, communication systems and Internet services including broadcasting services for customers who appreciate the highest performance products available today. We aim to provide leading edge technology solutions for your video broadcast, surveillance, security and communications applications. We source components from leading manufacturers to allow us to build systems tailored to your exact requirements.

We are based in Surrey, England and we can supply all your site security, surveillance, communications and online hosting needs, to a bespoke specification.

We can monitor your site out of hours, from a central control room and alert your keyholders and/or security staff to any intrusion attempts, we can even challange the intruders via an onsite audio public address system.

If you prefer to monitor your site remotely yourself, we can connect one of our systems to the Internet and give you access from your mobile device.

We can broadcast stream your video over the Internet for any application, be it security surveillance, web attraction or corporate event. Now including direct video streaming to Google's YouTube cloud & Meta's Facebook cloud.

We can connect your site to the outsite world with xDSL, Ethernet, Fibre and Microwave lines and install VoIP eqipment to reduce your voice call costs and enable remote working from anywhere with an Internet connection.

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Our site is split in four main sections, Surveillance, Security, Communications and Internet Services, if you do not see the equipment you require listed, please just ask us, as this site only contains a small selection of the products and services we can provide.

Surveillance State of the Art digital video surveillance systems, up to 8 MegaPixel and from one to many thousands of cameras.

Communications Onsite communications system for voice and data. We can link your sites together with one of our low cost, high performance microwave data links, that can run at up to 2.5Gbps.

Internet Services Are you looking for a Web hosting partner who will take the leg work out of getting and keeping your site on the World Wide Web? Would you like a reliable and flexible Email hosting solution, from one to thousands of users? Would you like to broadcast streams of video from your site or event to millions of users around the world?

Installation We provide full installation and maintenance services and have installed systems all over the United Kingdom (including Scotland and Wales) and also overseas.

We have been supplying and installing security and communication systems since 1993, so you can be assured that we know what we are doing with your site security.

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