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Even in the era of mobile internet, we can't always be reached by phone. But radio paging just works.

We've all experienced losing mobile signal in the countryside, and even in the city. Where reception isn't absent altogether, sometimes the network is so congested that nothing works. And that doesn't take into account quick-draining batteries and fragility. It's all too easy to drop your phone and smash the screen.

These may be inconveniences for some, but for doctors, firefighters, lifeboat crews and other critical workers in the public sector and private industry, being out of contact simply isn't an option.

The most reliable communications technology

Paging is a rugged, reliable technology, operating independently of telephone and internet networks, which can continue to work under any circumstances. The other advantage is that, in an age of information overload, as a separate device intended only for key communications you can be sure staff will always pick up their pagers straight away the moment the bleep sounds.

Discreetly message your staff for improved performance

Noise free communication
i-Page is a compact wireless, cost effective, messaging system designed to assist organisations communicate with all onsite staff, quickly and with discretion. By using i-Page for your onsite radio paging needs allows your management teams can send an instant instruction to groups of staff, or send a specific instruction to an individual staff member. Examples being, contacting porters in a hotel to assist with customer baggage, or a cleaner needed to clear up a spillage in a public area in a supermarket. Activities essential to maintaining the professional image of your organisation can be organised without disruption to other members of staff or customers within your premises. All requests for action are sent from a computer screen, and are received by the required staff to view and action. Generating instant messages via a simple to use messaging screen enables you to send clear instructions to staff without using a phone. Visitors to your organisation no longer hear your front of house staff arranging the day-to-day running requirements of the premises, activity just seems to quietly happen without disruption.

Confidence your instruction has been received
You need to know all requests for assistance have been received. i-Page radio paging technology, delivers messages instantly, using a robust and resilient radio communication method. Indeed this technology is the option chosen by the Emergency Services today. With i-Page there is a record of all messages sent, and to whom, so you have an automatic audit trail of requests which can be viewed at a later date if needed. Your i-Page system is specific to you and your premises. It uses your own private network so you are not dependent upon a third party for the external running of your system. You remain in control of your network.

i-Page - controlling costs with Onsite Radio Paging
Unlike many other communication devices, the costs to your business do not escalate with increased usage of i-Page. After the initial purchase of the system you can transmit as many messages as you need without incurring extra costs. All of the expense is contained in the initial outlay of equipment, there are no day to day running costs or tariffs to be budgeted for.

i-Page - monitoring systems when you can’t be there
In addition to communicating with people, i-Page links into your existing fires alarms or property management systems. It can be utilised as a fault monitoring device or security device so you are alerted if equipment, such as freezers are not functioning as expected or doors to secure areas are opened outside normal operating hours. If access to your premises is needed 24/7 but your reception cannot be manned 24 / 7 i-Page can notify your night staff if visitors or deliveries have arrived, by simply sending them an alert linked to a door alarm or pressure mat. Without any disruptive noise, your staff know where they need to be, even if you are not there to advise. The uses for i-Page are varied and it can be configured to match your specific requirements.

As an example, the freezers in a restaurant kitchen need to work within a range of temperatures to keep food at its optimum. Should any freezer go above these pre-defined limits i-Page would alert your duty manager, enabling them to take preventative action and secure the integrity of the contents. This simple usage of i-Page could save your business the cost of replacing the contents of the freezer.

i-Page - making technology simple
The i-Page system consists of a small central transcoder with antenna; which sits neatly at your office or communications room, a specified number of pagers and software. Messages are controlled and organised from any networked computer and are sent to small paging units carried by staff. Using i-Page couldn’t be simpler, the computer screen, the visual interface between the transcoder and the pagers, is designed to be as simple as possible to ensure that staff become familiar with it and can use it quickly. The installation of this communication system is very simple and can be completed in under an hour with very little disruption to the running of your premises.

i-Page key benefits

  • Discreet messaging to staff - all functional tasks for staff can be co-ordinated without disruption to other staff or visitors
  • Removes any lengthy phone conversations
  • Single-sourced messaging - messages to teams of staff can be sent instantaneously, ensuring smooth co-ordination of group staff activities
  • Private network - no obligation to third parties, you control your network
  • Cost containment - no on-going running costs, or tariffs, irrespective of the amount of usage
  • It can link into your business critical equipment, such as alarms, refrigeration units, door alarms and alert you if they are not working within defined parameters
  • Help your staff prioritise their communications - onsite radio paging is discreet so if staff are already engaged with customers they can continue their dialogue without both parties being distracted by a ringing or vibrating phone, or broadcast voice announcements
  • i-Page - messages are succinct, the instruction is not lost in protracted social discussion between staff
  • Simple to install, simple to use

Technical specification

Transmitter performance
Frequency range: 438 to 472MHz
Frequency stability: +/-2.5ppm
Output power: 2.5W / 5W
Duty cycle: <100%
Normal load impedance: 50 Ohms
VSWR protection against short term removal of the antenna (maximum of five calls with antenna disconnected)
Channel spacing factory set to: 10, 12.5, 20 or 25kHz
UHF 1/4 wave desktop antenna

Computer interface serial data, proprietary protocol, TAP, MEP, MSP, Morley, ESPA 4.4.4, Austco using RS232C. Full protocol details. Available upon request.

Power input
Switch mode power supply. 110V to 240V and 1.5A.

Dimensions: 105mm (w) x 175mm (d) x 65mm (h)
Weight: 700g

Operating temperature: -10°C to +55°C

Standard features
Paging formats: Mk6 or Mk7 and POCSAG (only one is selectable for use)
Beep codes: 8 selectable beep codes
Numeric messages: up to 12 digits (Mk6)
Alphanumeric messages: upto 240 character long text messages
Team call: any format teams; 40 teams with up to 96 team members
14 DLC alarm contacts (unpowered circuits, max loop resistance 150 Ohms)

i-Page - Onsite Radio Paging System Pricing
Image of Item IP133 i-Page Alphanumeric Paging System
Ultra High Frequency 438-472MHz
Auto-paging with 14 DLC Inputs and one RS232 port
Manual paging via web server (Ethernet port)
Kit containing:
1x Transcoder, UHF 5W TX
1x Antenna with 4m prepared Cable
1x Plugtop Power Supply Unit
Image of Item RPR-WP Waterproof radio paging receiver with disposable battery £150
Image of Item   1.5 metre DLC cable for 14 alarm contacts and 0v / ground £60
Image of Item   Desktop charger for RPR-WP pager with rechargeable battery £50
Image of Item   Pager programmer £250

Prices quoted are ex. works UK, in British Pounds Sterling and include VAT
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