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Hosted Microsoft Exchange Server Email

Services included with your Microsoft Exchange professional email solution:

Email address customised with your domain name. Create a unique email address linked to your domain name to convey a professional image to your contacts.

Data hosted in Europe. Your email accounts and their related data are hosted on our servers in Europe, in our datacentres. This means your emails have a high level of security and performance in their storage space.

Anti-virus and anti-spam. Manage your email safely with our anti-virus and anti-spam solutions, included by default in your email accounts.

Standard Exchange account. Get the full features of the Exchange licence, hosted on a cloud infrastructure. Access your emails, calendars and address books securely.

Shared calendar. With the calendar included with Exchange, making appointments and organising meetings has never been so easy. You can also use Exchange business email to set reminders for people invited to events in your calendar. These alerts will arrive directly to their email address.

Exchange ActiveSync syncing. You can sync all your actions, and replicate them across all of your devices. This means you can access your Exchange mailbox archives at any time, from any terminal.

Hosted Exchange - cloud collaborative email. A collaborative email solution for companies. Exchange is very rich in features, and is now the most popular collaborative email solution for companies of all sizes.

Manage and share your calendar or address book with other employees. Organise your internal and external meetings with total simplicity, and never miss an important appointment again. Create a list of tasks to increase efficiency and productivity.

Hosted Exchange - Manage your emails in the cloud. Manage your emails, calendars, and tasks on the go. Access all your services, wherever you are - email, attachments, calendars and contacts. Use your preferred device smartphone, tablet, PC or Mac and get ActiveSync syncing. Check your previous emails in offline mode, when you are away or without internet access.

Hosted Exchange - Your cloud Exchange email accounts. Your Exchange email accounts hosted on a highly secure cloud infrastructure. Your emails and the data associated with them are hosted in Europe, in our datacentres. Guaranteed high availability and redundancy, with two active datacentres and a third datacentre backup. Our cloud performs at least one daily backup of your service on another email server.

Anti-spam, anti-virus and anti-phishing services included, to guarantee maximum security for your email account. Anti-DDoS solution included by default, to protect you from external attacks.

Hosted Exchange specifications
Licence: Standard Exchange
Mailbox size: 50GB or 300GB
Data location: Europe
Infrastructure: Shared
Email client compatible with multiple devices Included
Webmail: Outlook Web Access (OWA)
Collaborative features: Included
Calendar and contact syncing: Included
Protocols: IMAP, POP, SMTPS, MAPI, ActiveSync
ADSync: Included

Productivity and collaboration
Calendar: Included
Tasks: Included
Contacts: Included
Calendar, task and contact sharing: Included
Mobile access: Included

Service management
Auto-configuration: Included
Change password through webmail: Included

Security and availability
Anti-virus and anti-spam: Included
Anti-DDoS: Included
SSL Certificate: Included
SPF (Check/Apply): Included
DKIM (Check/Apply): Yes/No
DMARC (Check/Apply): No/Yes
Daily backups:Included (14-day storage)
Availability: 99.99%
High availability: Geographical redundancy: 2 datacentres
Physical redundancy: 2 infrastructures per datacentre

Price £120 per year
Mailbox size 50GBytes
Monthly Bandwidth Unlimited

Price £240 per year
Mailbox size 300GBytes
Monthly Bandwidth Unlimited

Prices quoted are ex. works UK, in British Pounds Sterling and include VAT
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