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Would you like to monitor your property with CCTV video surveillance? Would you like broadcast quality HD video data? We have systems that can monitor and record from one to many thousands of cameras. Would you like your site connected to a professional monitoring station? or would you like to remotely monitor your site yourself? from a PC or even your smartphone or tablet.

We are based in Surrey, England and we can supply all your CCTV video surveillance, to a bespoke specification, using the highest performance products in their class.

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On this part of our site we have a number of different technologies for you to choose from. If you do not see the specification you want, just let us know and we will configure a solution tailored to your exact needs. All systems are able to connect to the Internet, so you can have remote access into your live and recorded video data.

Analogue CCTV is the traditional technology used for CCTV video surveillance, for the 21st century it has been upgraded to High Definition and even UHD if your application requires this sort of resolution, analogue is still the most cost effective solution in many applications and allows you to reuse your coaxial cable investment.

IP CCTV is the most flexible technology and ideal for distributed CCTV system, SD or HD cameras can be used and any analogue camera can be converted to IP by using a video encoder. Parts of the system can be anywhere you can connect to an IP network and features such as IP Multicast allow you to show a video stream on a very large numbers of screens simultaneously anywhere on the IP network. This is the most flexible technology and scales up to many thousands of cameras.

We have been designing, installing and maintaining video survillance systems since 1993, so you can be assured that we know what we are doing with your site security.
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