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IP (Internet Protocol) CCTV video surveillance is the most flexible technology on the market, it uses standard IP (Internet Protocol) networking technology to connect the different system components together and can give you Full HD video or even higher resolutions. We have a wide range of SD / HD cameras, recorders, monitors and accessories available.

IP Cameras we have a wide range of latest IP CCTV video surveillance cameras with SD, 720, 1080 and 4K resolutions, for internal and external applications.

IP Recorders four, eight and sixteen channel Network Video Recorders for IP CCTV cameras, we can also supply hybrid recorders with both analogue and IP camera inputs.

Wireless Ethernet digital video transmission systems for IP network cameras that can allow you to transmit your video data over any line-of-sight distance.

IP camera image

IP Video is currently transforming CCTV surveillance. In this technology video signals are digitized and streamed over IP (Internet Protocol) networks. This allows added functionality and reduction in system cost.

Analogue versus IP Video. The difference is that, with IP Video networks, analogue cameras are connected to the network via digital encoders, or replaced by dedicated IP cameras. Miles of heavy coax cable are replaced by a distributed infrastructure comprising wired and wireless LANs and WANs and the Internet. VCRs (Video Cassette Recorders) and DVRs (Digital Video Recorders) are also replaced by NVRs (Network Video Recorders) or hard-disk arrays that can be connected anywhere in the network to make the most use of system resources and add built-in redundancy. Furthermore, the use of digital video compression techniques simplifies video management and optimizes the use of system resources by preventing the network from becoming overloaded.

IP addresses for each camera. With IP Video networks, every CCTV camera and storage device in the network has its own IP address and all are overseen and managed from a control center. Once the network is established, plug-and-play functionality allows IP-enabled units to be easily added or removed.

IP functionalities. But that is not all. IP Video also allows easy implementation of "intelligent" functionality in cameras, beginning with motion detection, and extending nowadays towards Intelligent Video Analysis (IVA) which compares real-time video with 'known rules' for detecting suspicious events or behavior that might otherwise pass unnoticed by the security guard in charge of the monitors.

IP surveillance components. As with traditional analogue CCTV systems, there are four key components to an IP Video system: image capture, image transmission, storage, video management.

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